Lush Easter 2017

Lush Easter is now up! 

One of the best items is the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt which is an Easter favorite. This toffee scented glitter bomb is the size and shape of an egg and it’s covered in golden luster.

As for the product it’s a bit confusing because of the name, Bath Bomb Melt. This is not in anyway a fizzing bath bomb. It’s got a solid clay-like center that smells like toffee. The Golden Egg was pretty hard to cut but I managed to split it in half with a butter knife. I would not use this entire egg in one bath. I think I’ll be able to get 6-8 uses out of this product that contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Olive Oil and Almond oil. The golden luster on the outside of the egg is pretty messy and if you love glitter it won’t be a problem. Just know that it does stick to skin and the tub and the dog but it can easily be washed away. I actually love the shimmer.

Which Came First Bath Bomb – I really want to get my hands on this Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oil bath bomb for Spring! It’s pink and yellow which is too cute.

Flopsy Face Wash Gel – This is such a fun product! Rub this fresh carrot and citrus infusion on your face for maximum froth. He’s a little weird too.

Chocolate Lip Scrub – Ditching the chocolate eggs this year? Reach for this new lip scrub instead, which smells exactly like your favorite Easter treat. There’s real dark chocolate in here, along with plenty of other sweet treats, like vanilla absolute, cocoa powder, and, of course, plenty of sugar to keep your lips smooth and soft.

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